Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's that girl ??? :)))

Quien es esa nina, who's that girl
Senorita mas fina, who's that girl.... 
The end of '80s and beginning of '90s  was one of the most creative and outrageous periods of fashion in the 20th century. 
See for yourself how fashion and pop culture are influenced now by the '80s, and how ''old'' is continually re-creating itself. 
Fashion sages say of trends: If you've worn something the first time around, you should never wear it on its return. But somehow there's something irresistible about the '80s and '90s reprise. Clubs are playing '80s and '90s hits. 
I was thinking how to start new post for today !!!???And  I found my  inspiration in  Madonna when i was listening her old hit "Who's that girl"  ....I love music and fashion of the time. Actually this is my favorite style. Hmmmm  think  I was born at the wrong time. Looool  
More than anything I love high heels. But this kind of combination converse, jeans, T-shirt ....  I feel comfortable. 
I hope so you will like my outfit from today....  XoXo 

  • T-shirt with long sleeves FOREVER 21
  • Jeans with high waist  ZARA
  • Suspenders I forgot where I bought Looool 
  • Converse All Star 
  • Bag LV 
  • Eyeglasses Ray Ban 

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