Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's that girl ??? :)))

Quien es esa nina, who's that girl
Senorita mas fina, who's that girl.... 
The end of '80s and beginning of '90s  was one of the most creative and outrageous periods of fashion in the 20th century. 
See for yourself how fashion and pop culture are influenced now by the '80s, and how ''old'' is continually re-creating itself. 
Fashion sages say of trends: If you've worn something the first time around, you should never wear it on its return. But somehow there's something irresistible about the '80s and '90s reprise. Clubs are playing '80s and '90s hits. 
I was thinking how to start new post for today !!!???And  I found my  inspiration in  Madonna when i was listening her old hit "Who's that girl"  ....I love music and fashion of the time. Actually this is my favorite style. Hmmmm  think  I was born at the wrong time. Looool  
More than anything I love high heels. But this kind of combination converse, jeans, T-shirt ....  I feel comfortable. 
I hope so you will like my outfit from today....  XoXo 

  • T-shirt with long sleeves FOREVER 21
  • Jeans with high waist  ZARA
  • Suspenders I forgot where I bought Looool 
  • Converse All Star 
  • Bag LV 
  • Eyeglasses Ray Ban 
Dalje ...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fashion us Style ;)))

It too, too easy to buy this month's fashion magazine, flick trough the pages and rush down to your local street to 'get that look'. NO NO NO NO NO !!!  
Before you fall into that trap of sheep shopping and leg it your nearest clothing chain, take a closer and ask yourself a few simple question : 

  • Is the color right for me ?
  • Is the shape right  for me ?
  • Do I have have the arms as legs to carry off that look ?
  • Is worth the money ? 
  • Will it last the test of time ? Can I still wear it in 8-12 months?
  • Do I really need it ? Probably not, but will I regret not buying it ? 
There is no such thing as fashion essentials only fashion indulgences. 
Fashion is exactly like that !!!! And that was one of my problems today at the mall , but still I was enjoying in every single moment of shopping !!!  

 Greetings and kisses from Dubai XoXo

  • T-shirt D&G 
  • Jeans MY WORK :))))
  • Boots Steve Madden 
  • Eyeglasses Ray Ban 
Dalje ...

My books are my treasures :)))

" ... full of information and inspiring ideas for anyone with a creative spirit" 
 - Paul Smith  

Ever since I was a child I have found it hard to trow things away. I  suppose that hoarding is a part of who I am. "It may come in handy one day" is a philosophy that i have always lived by.As one adult nothing has changed. Every corner cupboard and drawer is filled to the brim with bits of fabric, buttons, old shoes, old fashion postcards and any other object d' art that I may  deem a precious commodity. This may seem a little over the top to most people, but there is a modicum of method in my madness. 

So i decided from my unnecessary stuff  to make something necessary. And I bought all kinds of books in order to learn something more about fashion. These are just one of the books that I would recommend  you  if you are part of the fashion and also if you are not. 

- Ralph Waldo Emesson  

  1. Alexander McQueen 
  2. The little dictionary of fashion Christian Dior 
  3. The Carrie Diaries  Candace Bushnel 
  4. Elle The 1980s 
  5. Whitney Port 
  6. DIY Fashion 
Dalje ...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Every day is wonderful!!!

Remember you are beautiful no matter what anyone says. Exterior beauty is not nearly as important as your inner beauty. 

Today I feel like a ballerina. This is not my style. It's too much simple for me, but it's nice to have something like this in the closet. Pink color is my favorite and my friends know how much I obsessed with this color.I think I will never grow up. And to be honest I wouldn't  like it

Today's outfit is very comfortable and cute. Dress from Zara's collection spring summer  2011. Casual flats from Kurt Geiger also comfortable and cute. 


Budim se jutros uz pesmu   Beautiful  - Christina Aguilera. Nisam njen obozavalac ali  moram priznati  ima zadivljujuci glas i volim ovu pesmu. Pesma me je  inspirisala  za  novi post. Nije bitno sta nosite i kakva vam je spoljasnja lepota bitno je kakvo vam je srce, svi smo podjednako lepi ako nam dusa nije zarazena mrznjom!!!  

Danas kako sam obucena osecam se kao  balerina. Haljinica je  leprsava a baletanke udobne da ih maltene ne osecam. Mada je moj danasnji stajling i vise nego obican sto je neubicajno za mene.No,lepo je imati i ovako nesto u ormaru. Roze boja je ipak moja omiljena, to moje okruzenje vrlo dobro zna. Ponekad  pomislim, hocu li ikad odrasti???Da budem iskrena to i ne bih volela :))))) 

Pozz iz Dubaia cmok cmok cmok 

  • Dress Zara 
  • Flats Kurt  Geiger 
  • Bag Vivienne Westwood 

Dalje ...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This boots are made for walking...

These boots are made for walking 

And that’s just what they’ll do 

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you !!!! Lool 

This is one of my favorite outfits lately. Gray Baldan boots and very cute white dress (can be found in Splash stores). I love this boots. They can be combined with dress, jeans, shorts , really cool. They are a "must have" item for this winter. 

I'm still new among the bloggers. Every comment that you give will mean to me... 

Ovo je jedan od mojih omiljenih kombinacija u poslednje vreme. Sive kozne  Baldan cizme  i slatka bela haljinica ( mozete je naci u Splash radnjama u Dubaiu ). Obozavam ove cizme , mogu se nositi uz sve. Uz suknju, sortc, haljinu, farmerke... Nesto sto morate posedovati ove zime. Trenutno su ultra moderne ali po meni to su cizme za sva vremena. 

Jos uvek sam nova medju blogerima i svaki vas komentar ( pohvala ili kritika ) ce mi znaciti...
Nadam se da ce te uzivati u mojim postovima.
Pozz iz Dubaia XOXO

Thank you and enjoy this new post... Xoxo  
  • Dress Splash store 
  • Boots Baldan 
  • Bag Vivienne Westwood  
  • Ring Forever 21
  • Sunglasses Vogue 
Dalje ...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nerdy days !!!

My nerdy days !!! Wooow I love my new Ray Ban eye glasses !!! 

  • Here comes some picture in front of the Dubai Mall ,  I like this place  especially at night during the fountains !!! I hope that you will like  my "nerdy days" style  :)))) 

  1. eyeglasses Ray Ban 
  2. watch G-Shock 
  3. scarf Alexander McQueen 
  4. T-Shirt MNG
  5. bermuda Zara 
  6. sneakers Dolce&Gabbana 
  7. bag Hermes
Dalje ...


After a while of thinking through, I've decided to put myself on the list of bloggers.
All my life I was obsessed with clothes, fashion, fashion magazines, music, dance and so on and after two years of struggling with myself and this urge that I have, I finally decided to give it a try in the fashion business. I hope that you'll love some of my combinations and accessories, and every comment about them that you leave (good or bad) here will  mean to me a lot.

Greetings and kisses from Dubai


Posle duzeg vremena odlucila sam se na ovaj korak, eto nadjoh se i ja na blogger listi. Ceo svoj zivot  opterecena sam krpicama, modom,modnim casopisima,muzikom,plesom i sve tako u krug. Nakon 2 godine razmisljanja resila sam i ja da se upustim u "modne vode" . Nadam se da ce vam se moje kombinacije,detalji kao sto su nakit dopasti. Svaka podrska kompliment ili negativni stav bi volela da podelite samnom ... 

Pozz iz Dubaia  


  • T-shrt Sheri Bodell 
  • jeans Forever 21 
  • shoes Christian Louboutin 
  • Hermes bag
  • boxing ring Forever 21
Dalje ...