Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That 70's style!

Willing to give '70s style denim a try?
The most popular denim styles every year, sometimes even season to season, leaving those who wear previous trends looking, well, a little out of date.

Designers like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Tracy Reese, and Chris Benz all sent '70s-inspired silhouettes down their spring runways while the flared and wide-leg pants characteristic of the disco era were included in collections by Anna Sui, Tory Burch, Derek Lam, and Jason Wu to name a few. Many of these flared pants were accompanied with a high waist-a controversial style in fashion, as many feel it is not always the most flattering cut. But fashion experts are praising the style and saying '70s style denim is an inevitable trend we should embrace this year.  

Inspired by 70s style, the floppy felt hat is my must-have this season. The classic wide-brim floppy will not only protect from sun damage, but will add a bit of glamour and bohemian flair.
 I have been obsessing for months and finally found the perfect one. Made from thick felt/wool, the shape of the hat is perfect and adjustable (but hard to clean).
 Inspired by various bohemian and hippie influences, this hat has a retro-modern style. Pair this item with cut-off jean shorts and peasant top, big dangely earrings and ankle boots for an effortlessly casual look. 
 Dress this look up by pairing with wide-leg pants and blazer or sundress and chunky heels. Or, channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and couple this floppy hat with wide-framed sunglasses and striped t-shirt.

Kisses from Belgrade...

  • Jeans  Bebe
  • Turtleneck sweater  United Colors Of Benetton 
  • Jacket  Armani 
  • Boots Steve  Madden 
  • Necklet  River Island 
  • Bracelet  Miss Sixty 
  • Orthodox rosary 
  • Floppy felt hat  Accessorize 

Dalje ...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strong Eyebrows!

We’re not talking 80s untouched wilderness, but shapely bold brows are back! When it comes to eyebrows, celebs, models, and makeup artists are proving that big is beautiful.

As I'm sure you have heard, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wrapped up in New York City. Designers showcased their spring collections, and trendspotters have begun their style predictions. One beauty trend from the fashion week that has people talking is the strong, powerful brow featured on many runways.
Bold, thick eyebrows were prominent in many shows, with some variation in shape and darkness. Here are some of the different ways designers embraced the brow.

Trendovi se uvek vracaju, pa su se tako vratile i guste, jake obrve.U poslenjih godinu dana a mozda malo vise na svim revijama mozemo videti kako kreatori forsiraju taj stil.Za prolece koje nam dolazi naglasene obrve su definitivno i dalje u modi.Sminkeri stavljaju akcenat na taj deo lica. Evo nekoliko primera  sa poslednjeg Njujorskog Fashion week-a  i jos par modnih desavanjau svetu. 

Mali savet koji je meni pomogao u rastu obrva. Oblik mojih obrva je inace  bio takakv da sam morala mnogo da se bakcem oko njih. Dlaka je jaka i gusta i zbog dugogodisnjeg cupanja na nekim mestima moje obrve  su se razredile.Pre malo vise od godinu dana odlucila sam da ih pustim i vratim u nekadasnji "sumarski" izgled, Lol . Pre sest meseci od drugarice sam saznala da uz pomoc prirodnog kokosovog ulja dlaka brze raste. Poslusala sam je i pocela sam s vremena na vreme da mazem odredjene delove gde se obrva istanjila. Nakon dva meseca moje obrve su izrasle i izgledaju kao da pincetu u zivotu nisam videla. No,taj look se meni dopada a i trenutno je in hehe. 

Arizona Muse’s muse-worthy brows look practically untouched, and it’s clear by her spotlight on the November 2011 cover of Vogue Paris styled by makeup artist Lisa Butler that France is embracing big brows.
Pecheux favored full and bold over thin and limp, creating angles by penciling the brows straight across with the same thickness from end-to-end at Derek Lam Spring/Summer 201

Jacquelyn Jablonski has been praised on the Fashion Spot forums for her soft, thick brows.

Kim Kardashian has spoken candidly about the lengths she goes to for hair removal, but still accentuates her dynamic features with shapely brows.

Kate Bosworth shows that even blondes can rock the strong brow by adding definition with an eyebrow pencil, looking gorgeous with darkened brows on the cover of BlackBook Magazine.

                                                                  Joseph Altuzarra
                                                                Victoria Beckham 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My styles reviewed...

Today's the day in Belgrade one of those days when weather is trying to spoil your mood. Outside is terrible, rainy and cold and I am very sick. Sicker and sicker since I arrived in Belgrade a month ago. Because of  my unusual situation I am forced to sit in the house all day.  I don't have what to do except to escape to my wonderland. All of my life I spent in fantasy. And that's what I do best. I ran away from reality. Today I did the same I ran away from the gloom and cold to warmer parts of earth where I am going back soon.       
With  help of my old pictures I remembered the beginning of my adventure in DubaiBtw which ended with that I got a job and stayed to live there. Some of these pictures I decided to use for the new postI hope you will like my old combination of different styles.  I can say for my self  that I am not slave of one style, I like a specific wardrobe. I love incompatible .... These pictures reminded me of some pieces of clothing that I neglected  but I love themI hope that  these pictures are useful for you as they served me for new ideas. 

Danasnji dan u Beogradu je jedan od onih dana kada vrema, pokusava da vam pokvari raspolozenje. Napolju je grozno, kisa pada, jako je hladno, a ja bolesna. Od kako sam doputovala u Beograd pre mesec dana zbog zdravstvenih problema sve sam bolesnija i bolesnija. S obzirom na situaciji u kojoj se nalazim, primorana sam da sedim u kuci. Tako da sam ja po svom nekom starom obicaju prepustila se svojoj masti. Ceo svoj zivot sam provela u mastanju. A to sto najbolje radim sam primenila i danas, pobegla sam od stvarnosti. Pobegla sam od ovog sivila i hladnoce u toplije krajeve u koje se uskoro vracam. 
Uz pomoc svojih starih slika podsetila sam se kako je pocela moja avantura u Dubaiu. Koja se btw zavrsila tako sto sam dobila posao i ostala da zivim tamo.  No, neke od tih slika sam odlucila da  iskoristim za novi post. Nadam se da ce vam se dopasti moje stare kombinacije i svakodnevno razliciti stilovi.  Mogu slobodno za sebe da kazem da nisam osoba od jednog stila, volim specificnu  garderobu i razlicite outfite. Volim  nespojivo...Ove fotografije su me podsetile na neke komade odece koje sam zapostavila a volim ih. Nadam se da ce i vama koristiti ove slike kao sto su posluzile i meni za nove ideje. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My clothes, my inspiration ...

Wearing nice clothes is all about feeling good. We wear specific clothes to display a part of our personality that we want to share with others. A fun top can show that you are playful and up for a lough. A smart blouse means that you want to be taken seriously. 
We use are clothes like a tribal tattoo. It can denote the music that we like or the scene that we are into. It can also represent the class we wish to be perceived as. 
I think you will agree with me but there is nothing nicer than going out and people commenting on how lovely you look, specially if you don't know them. Take note of these times, for they are the ones when not only have you got it right but you also appear  comfortable with your look. There is no point wearing something that you love but that just does not feel good. It can spoil your night or day. Friends are rarely honest when you look awful in something. So, if someone does say "that colour really suits you" or that top is so flattering on you" take it on board.  
Play with styles and shapes until you feel satisfied you have a look that suits. Remember that most of us do not look like the models in magazines or mannequins, and, by developing your own style and formulating a series of colours and designs that suit you, you can look great at any time. 
Almost everyone can wear black and white, so if you are not sure what suits you try a few styles in simple tones. In new post you can see just few picture of my different outfits from last year. Each style is from different fashion events in DubaiI hope that you'll love some of my combinations and accessories, and every comment about them that you leave (good or bad) here will  mean to me a lot.

Greetings and kisses from Belgrade   

Fashion overdose Armani 
TimeOut Bday party at People by Crystal 
Pose Magazin at Amika 
Dubai Fashion Week S/S12 Opening Night
Dubai Fashion Week S/S12 Opening Night
Halloween party at People by Crystal 
Pose Magazin 
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