Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fashion us Style ;)))

It too, too easy to buy this month's fashion magazine, flick trough the pages and rush down to your local street to 'get that look'. NO NO NO NO NO !!!  
Before you fall into that trap of sheep shopping and leg it your nearest clothing chain, take a closer and ask yourself a few simple question : 

  • Is the color right for me ?
  • Is the shape right  for me ?
  • Do I have have the arms as legs to carry off that look ?
  • Is worth the money ? 
  • Will it last the test of time ? Can I still wear it in 8-12 months?
  • Do I really need it ? Probably not, but will I regret not buying it ? 
There is no such thing as fashion essentials only fashion indulgences. 
Fashion is exactly like that !!!! And that was one of my problems today at the mall , but still I was enjoying in every single moment of shopping !!!  

 Greetings and kisses from Dubai XoXo

  • T-shirt D&G 
  • Jeans MY WORK :))))
  • Boots Steve Madden 
  • Eyeglasses Ray Ban 

3 komentara:

  1. prelepo,u tvom fazonu skroz!!!!

  2. vrhunski! mene interesuje cime si parala jeans kad je tako dobro ispalo, jer hocu i ja svoje na taj fazon da uradim. pozzz

  3. Jeans mora da bude tvrd. Teksas sa lasteksom u sebi nece dobro izgledati. Na odredjenim mestima gde ti zelis cepas ziletom i makazama. Preko tog isepanog hmm ne znam koju bi rec uptrebila sem "drljas" recimo kamenom koji se koristi za stopala. Posle par pranja i nosenja konci ce sami od sebe poceti da se izvlace i eto ti dobo iscepanih farmerki. Xxx