Thursday, January 19, 2012

My clothes, my inspiration ...

Wearing nice clothes is all about feeling good. We wear specific clothes to display a part of our personality that we want to share with others. A fun top can show that you are playful and up for a lough. A smart blouse means that you want to be taken seriously. 
We use are clothes like a tribal tattoo. It can denote the music that we like or the scene that we are into. It can also represent the class we wish to be perceived as. 
I think you will agree with me but there is nothing nicer than going out and people commenting on how lovely you look, specially if you don't know them. Take note of these times, for they are the ones when not only have you got it right but you also appear  comfortable with your look. There is no point wearing something that you love but that just does not feel good. It can spoil your night or day. Friends are rarely honest when you look awful in something. So, if someone does say "that colour really suits you" or that top is so flattering on you" take it on board.  
Play with styles and shapes until you feel satisfied you have a look that suits. Remember that most of us do not look like the models in magazines or mannequins, and, by developing your own style and formulating a series of colours and designs that suit you, you can look great at any time. 
Almost everyone can wear black and white, so if you are not sure what suits you try a few styles in simple tones. In new post you can see just few picture of my different outfits from last year. Each style is from different fashion events in DubaiI hope that you'll love some of my combinations and accessories, and every comment about them that you leave (good or bad) here will  mean to me a lot.

Greetings and kisses from Belgrade   

Fashion overdose Armani 
TimeOut Bday party at People by Crystal 
Pose Magazin at Amika 
Dubai Fashion Week S/S12 Opening Night
Dubai Fashion Week S/S12 Opening Night
Halloween party at People by Crystal 
Pose Magazin 

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  1. Divna si. :)
    Majica sa resama je odlicna, obozavam ih!!!
    Outfit sa Dubai FW je SAVRSEN, classy chic! :)

  2. True words of fashion wisdom! The photos you picked are really great :)

  3. Kako divan tekst...bas lepo receno. Divna si i ti a i fotke.. :) :*
    Najvise mi se dopada kombinacija sa nerd cvidzama :)))

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