Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jenna Noor Faraj jewelry 2

Jenna Faraj is a passionate and dedicated professional working in the fashion industry. With solid experience in fashion, accessories, art and business, Faraj is a dynamic individual whose skills have enabled her to excel and thrive in the fast paced environment of luxury retail. 

 Having been raised in the UK and the USA, with an Arab father and English mother, Jenna has a deep cultural awareness and understanding of different social environments. This has given her a unique position in the fashion industry in UAE.

 “My innate fashion sensibility and the ability to creatively design was apparent at a very early age. I enjoy traveling immensely and have had the good fortune to visit many parts of the World. On these travels, I collect gems, semi-precious and precious stones, crystals, gold, the list is endless, all of which are used in many of my designs.  Each piece I create is made with precision and from the materials I have gathered on my travels.  The pieces are always unique and created from my personal inspiration, whether it be from my own experiences or designed specifically for one person in mind.” 

Jenna has quickly become recognized for combining her creativity as a designer, her strengths as a businesswoman, and her unique eye for style and personal self-motivation. I foresee Jenna Faraj’s creations and work becoming increasingly popular over the coming years. 

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